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New changes on payout processing and few other updates

We have implemented few changes on our system and they are following

1) New minimum payout amount increased to 3$ (3000 points)

2) Accounts with no activity for a period >= 90 days will be considered INACTIVE and affiliate option will be locked.[ i.e, Affiliate option will be locked if you fail to login to your account AND/OR upload new images ]

3) We will no longer need details of affiliates (names, addresses etc.) to process new payouts. This change is applicable to new payout requests only and all the requests made on before 26-Sep-2013 still needs those info.

4) Automatic Payouts : Now onward user's don't have to manually request payout. We will be running a script every 24 hrs which will generate the payout requests automatically. Once the request is generated we will process the payment within 10 days. You can hold the payments by turning off the automatic payment option available within your "My accounts" page. While generating the payout requests our system looks for following conditions

a) Whether the account is in ACTIVE state or not (if YES go to next

b) Whether you have 3000 points on your account or not (if YES, go
to next check)

c) Whether a payout request was created in last 10 days or not (if
NO,generate payout request and notify us else skip the process)

We will check the requests manually and process the payment
within next 10 days. 10 days is the maximum time limit. Most
likely you will get payment within 24-72 hrs.

Other than the above mentioned changes we have some plans to implement few more updates to the site which includes new design, increase on Tier rates, more features etc.

Should you have questions or doubts feel free to contact us.